Do you need FEEDBACK on your WRITING?

WRITING FEEDBACK pack consists of:

4 writing tasks per month with personalized in-depth written feedback (given regularly within 72 hours).

  • The student uploads the files on Google Classroom platform.
  • The student decides what type of writing they want to be given (e.g. an informal letter and 3 reports, or 2 essays and 2 articles, it’s UP TO YOU!)

60-minute 1:1 private feedback session per month (Zoom or Skype) – schedule it flexibly. 🙂

Model writings and lists of useful expressions as well as writing and linking words exercises

Specific individual guidelines on what to work on and how (grammar aspects, style, paragraph structure, etc.). Extra materials (PDFs) provided!

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Writing Feedback Pack

65 / month
  • 4 Writing task with personalized correction
  • Send it flexibly within a month
  • 60-minute 1:1 private feedback session on Zoom / Skype
  • Access to model writing, materials and exercises


Sure! It’s not a membership. You can purchase the pack for one month or continue buying it for as long as you need. The goal is to match your needs. You can join anytime (you don’t have to wait until the 1st day of a month!). The month refers to the period of 30 days. In order to continue with the service after the period of 1 month, you need to buy the pack again.

After the purchase you’ll receive an email with Google Classroom link and the question to answer – you’ll select the types of writing that you’d like to practice so that I can prepare tasks accordingly. 

Within 24hours you’ll be given your first task. Every week there will be a new task added (there are 4 in total each month = one for each week). 

Let me give you an example.

✅You sign up on June 9th.

📩You receive your first task on June 10th. This task, as well as the other 3 tasks that will come week by week should be all submitted by July 10th.

✍I recommend sending them regularly, to get into the habit of weekly writing, but if it’s not an option for you, you can send them whenever during the month that you paid for.

👉 You can’t take part in regular classes (due to /deployment/ workload/ whatever reason)

👉 You need an experienced SLP teacher to give you feedback on your writing and to identify your improvement areas.

👉 You failed SLP Writing in the past and you want to receive useful and practical guidance on what to work on.

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