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Grammar WorkBook: Present, Past and Futures tenses forms

This 18-page workbook contains a compact revision of present, past and future tenses and forms.
It is going to be particularly useful for LEVEL 2 examinees who need to master narrations, but not only!
Essential Grammar Stanag 6001 Level 2

Essential Grammar for Stanag 6001 Level 2

A mini course in a form of the Advent Calendar 😁
30 Misspronunced Words

30 commonly mispronounced words in military (and general) English

Here’s a PDF with and an audio recording with 30 most commonly mispronounced words in military and general English. 
Military Vocabulary Revision

Stanag 6001 Vocabulary Revision Quizlet

Have you ever used Quizlet?
I’ve created some simple vocabulary quizzes on this website/app so that you can revise STANAG 6001 vocabulary, phrasal verbs and collocations I taught you in my social media. Give it a try! 😁
It’s free and really easy to use!

Self-Study Guide: Suscribe to get it in your mailbox

How to keep your English active