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This online course WILL SHOW YOU THE BEST PATH TO PASS the Writing part of the STANAG 6001 (SLP) exam by following the 4-STEP FORMULA:

Theory – Implementation – Feedback – Improvement.

Stanag 6001 Writing Course

It’s for members of the armed forces from NATO countries currently preparing for the STANAG 6001 / SLP / JFLT exam – Level 2 or 3

After over a decade of teaching English, when I started preparing for NATO exams 4 years ago, I struggled with finding:

  • Clear assessment criteria
  • Mock Exams
  • Resources – Materials

Having gained experience of working with groups of soldiers in a classroom, international groups and individual students online and having marked HUNDREDS (!) of their WRITING ASSIGNMENTS, I decided to create a course that will perfectly match service members’ needs.

It’s based on 4-STEP FORMULA which I have tested and found extremely effective:

These are videos where I take you STEP by STEP through the planning process of a specific task and narrate my thoughts. We follow the Checklist steps and I show you exactly HOW TO PLAN EFFECTIVELY.

Teachers always tell us to plan our writing (I’m sure you’ve heard that many times), but rarely show us HOW. This course addresses that. Finally &#128512!


The Theory part contains: videos where I discuss: types, characteristics, structure, useful expressions, DOs&DON’Ts, model writings and – a cherry on the cake – I carry out GUIDED WRITING SESSIONS.

2. Implementation

The Implementation stage is YOUR WORK TIME. That’s when you use all the knowledge in practice by completing exam tasks. You send me your work.

3. Feedback

The Feedback stage is when I analyze your writing, provide you with constructive feedback on your grammar, vocabulary choice (providing more advanced vocabulary pieces according to the style), collocations, style and spelling

4. Implementation

Finally, the last part is when after having analyzed my feedback, you prepare the second version of your text, following all the guidelines, tips and corrections. This way you can see immediate improvement and understand HOW to upgrade your writing by taking action again.

If you are READY TO UPGRADE your writing skills let me take you on this journey!

By working together – combining your dedication and diligence and my experience and knowledge – we will be able to make significant changes in your writing.

You can obviously study on your own and self-prepare for the exam, especially if you have regular contact with the language and use it on a daily basis.

However, that’s not everyone’s case.

You might find it hard to prepare for the Writing part on your own, as writing, as a productive skill, requires ACTIVE PRODUCTION of the language.

Sure, you can rely on free software to correct your writing, but an EXPERIENCED TEACHER will guide you on what you need to work on according to the exam assessment criteria and will spot all the areas of improvement that need to be addressed and that are holding you back.

FEEDBACK is necessary in order to


A book can provide you with content, but what really TRANSFORMS your writing is the implementation and feedback.

If you don’t want to walk this path alone and wish to receive constructive guidance – JOIN THE STANAG 6001 WRITING COURSE and take the first step to get closer to your language goals TODAY.

Don’t let English stop you from that.

My students have managed to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. That’s how I measure my success – by THEIR SUCCESS stories!

Here is what Simone (Italy) said:

Alejandro's Instagram Opinion
Alejandro's Instagram Opinion

Here is what Alejandro (Spain) said:

Simone Instagram Opinion
Simone Instagram Opinion

I want YOUR STORY to be next!

*REMEMBER: You can do the course anytime. You have LIFETIME ACCESS to go through the course content and send your assignments.

We like to know what others said about the product, don’t we? 😀

I don’t know about you, but I always check Amazon reviews before I purchase something. Just in case. Here are some opinions about the course from the first students who took it and what they found useful:

Here is what Jakub (Czechia) said:

Jakub testimonial
Jakub testimonial

Here is what Vitor (Portugal) said:

If what you are after are QUICK and APPLICABLE changes achieved throughout the active implementation process and IMMEDIATE RESULTS then this course is for you! I honestly can’t wait to have you on board!
Still on the fence? Take a look at the questions below:
Let me explain the 4-STEP FORMULA for success I have developed and implemented in my classes:
  1. THEORY – you watch videos on different types of writings, download PDFs (expressions, model writings) and checklists that are attached to each lesson. You watch Guided Writing sessions where I narrate a complete planning process of specific exam tasks.
  2. IMPLEMENTATION – you do linking word exercises, get familiar with the list of tools, download writing assignments that you want to complete. Next, you send me up to 3 writings of your choice. You will receive the link to the Google Classroom where you upload your assignments in the description of the final video.
  3. FEEDBACK – I provide you with constructive feedback on your work. You find out what you need to improve and how. You also received a detailed correction of each and every single mistake with an explanation.
  4. IMPROVEMENT – You are encouraged to reflect and rewrite – final step of the P.O.W.E.R. strategy that I teach you in the course – in order to make a better version of your text and make progress.

No, it’s for levels 2 and 3.

Sure thing. You have lifetime access to it. It’s also up to you when you go through the course content and send me your assignments. There is no deadline. 

Well, it’s actually the only course on the market (I’ve done the research :)!) that prepares you for the Writing part providing both theoretical framework and practical part with feedback. This is what makes it truly unique. On top of that, your teacher is obsessed with teaching writing skills. 😀

I have a solid teaching background – Bachelor degree in Teaching English and Master degree in Bilingual Education. I have worked as an ESL teacher for 11 years and taught English in Poland, Italy, Kyrgyzstan and Spain. 

Currently, I’m exploring the work in the online space so that I can help students from many different countries. I have worked with service members from Poland, Czechia, Spain, Italy and Portugal and helped them prepare for STANAG 6001 / SLP / JFLT exams for the last 4 years.

You will receive feedback within 1 week (usually it’s less than that – up to 72 hours).

You submit them by uploading the assignments in Google Classroom. You will find the link to join in the description of the last video of the course.

  • Practical video lessons related to all SLP Writing types from levels 2 and 3
  • Special video lessons on Typical Writing mistakes and Features of good writing
  • Lists of expressions
  • Model writings
  • Checklists for Planning and Editing
  • Guided writing sessions
  • BONUS PDFs (50 must-use adjectives, Tools to use to improve your writing, Linking words and more!)
  • Online quiz on linking words
  • Constructive FEEDBACK on 3 writing assignments that you submit after having completed the Theory part
  • Guidelines on what to work on and how
  • Extra materials matching your individual needs (e.g. PDFs with theory and exercises on articles or conditionals)
What are the BENEFITS of Stanag 6001 Writing Course?
It’s a NO-BRAINER! 🤯
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