This is a collection of podcasts covering the topics such as military, defense, technology, NATO, sport, politics and health that you can use to practice your listening skills. New podcasts are uploaded regularly.

In this section you can find all the YouTube videos I have published related to STANAG 6001 exam.

Military English Teacher
December 8, 2020


September 22, 2021

WEBINAR Transform your SLP Writing

Military English Teacher
March 13, 2021

STANAG 6001 (SLP EXAM) Q&A session

Military English Teacher
November 4, 2020

Vocabulary Matters

Military English Teacher
September 30, 2020

10 last-minute STANAG 6001 exam prep TIPS!

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Self-study Online Resources for Reading

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Stanag 6001 Vocabulary revision- Quizzlet

Have you ever used Quizlet? I’ve created some simple...


This 18-page workbook contains a compact revision of present,...

30 commonly mispronounced words in military (and general) English

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In this Masterclass you will learn: Advanced Text, Advanced Gramar Structures, Elements of abstract language, How to incorporate it into your writing (and speaking) and Reasons why students’ writings are marked as 2+ and not 3.

This masterclass was created for Spanish speakers as it deals with the most common mistakes coming from loan (literal) translation. I will show you how to detect and eradicate Spanglish from your writing and speaking.

How to improve your exam reading score (for Level 2 and 3) - Coming Soon

In this masterclass I’ll share some exam tricks and techniques that will help you have a higher score! I will also show you how to avoid EXAM TRAPS.

How to maintain your ENGLISH LEVEL and stay on top of your game ?

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Summer Self-study guide (3)

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