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In this section you can find all the YouTube videos I have published related to STANAG 6001 exam.

Military English Teacher
September 22, 2021

WEBINAR Transform your SLP Writing

Military English Teacher
March 13, 2021

STANAG 6001 (SLP EXAM) Q&A session

Military English Teacher
December 8, 2020


Military English Teacher
November 4, 2020

Vocabulary Matters

Military English Teacher
September 30, 2020

10 last-minute STANAG 6001 exam prep TIPS!

JFLT Speaking Masterclass

In this Masterclass you will learn: pronunciation challengesIntonation challenges, JFLT Roleplays, Level 3 discussion, self-study strategies


In this Masterclass you will learn: Military Phrasal Verbs, Common Used Phrasal Verbs, Informal vs Formal and How to learn Phrasal Verbs.


In this Masterclass you will learn: Active Listening Techniques, some aspects of Connected Speech and IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). Moreover, you will listen to a variety of different accents and you will receive a list of useful resources.  

In this Masterclass you will learn: Advanced Text, Advanced Gramar Structures, Elements of abstract language, How to incorporate it into your writing (and speaking) and Reasons why students’ writings are marked as 2+ and not 3.

This masterclass was created for Spanish speakers as it deals with the most common mistakes coming from loan (literal) translation. I will show you how to detect and eradicate Spanglish from your writing and speaking.

In this masterclass I’ll share some exam tricks and techniques that will help you have a higher score! I will also show you how to avoid EXAM TRAPS.

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30 commonly mispronounced words in military (and general) English

Hey! Here’s a PDF with and an audio recording...

Stanag 6001 Vocabulary revision- Quizzlet

Have you ever used Quizlet? I’ve created some simple...


This 18-page workbook contains a compact revision of present,...

Self-study Online Resources for Reading

Are you self-studying for the STANAG 6001 exam? Use...

How to maintain your ENGLISH LEVEL and stay on top of your game ?

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Summer Self-study guide (3)

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How to keep your English active