Learning Materials

What is it?

50 exam-style recordings with multiple choice questions that focus on LEVEL 3 topics.

  • Do you struggle with listening OR need some exam-style short listening tasks to practice for the upcoming exam?
  • Are you aiming at LEVEL 3?
  • Do you want to be sure that you are listening to the type of content that is related to the NATO Stanag 6001 / SLP and JFLT topics?

If you answered 3 x YES, the Listening Booster is for you.

I know the reality. Both students and teachers, we all are in the process of a constant search for useful materials to practice exam-style listening. 

Many countries limit access to STANAG / SLP / JFLT materials and as a result I have received dozens of emails from people who are desperately looking for mock exams or at least exam-style tasks. 

I’ve heard you and I decided to do something about it. This is how this practice material was born!

  • Have you ever felt that you know grammar rules and quite a lot of vocabulary but somehow… you are not able to put it all IN PRACTICE in life situations and demonstrate it on the exam?
  • Are you confused when it comes to using expressions in a FORMAL vs. INFORMAL context?
  • Do you end up TRANSLATING the expressions from your native language as you don’t know their EQUIVALENTS in English?

    Hey, I got your back

    Functional language is the language we use to perform various ‘functions’ in specific situations, such as inviting, giving advice, comparing, speculating or disagreeing, to name a few.

    It allows you to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY in different situations (buying a ticket, putting forward suggestions in a meeting, describing circumstances of a range accident to your superior or complaining in a restaurant). Do they sound like exam tasks in your role plays, formal letters or reports? That’s because they are. 🙂

    Functional language offers students the link to the real word by sounding more natural, but also directly targets exam English (e.g. how to politely disagree with someone).

Sample Task

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