Do you need a program 100% tailored to your needs?

This course can be a general STANAG 6001 preparation course (with all the 4 skills covered) or focus on a specific skill (e.g. only speaking or only productive skills – speaking&writing). It’s up to you. 🙂

This offer is a perfect fit for soldiers who are currently deployed. I’ve had classes with students who were connecting from Afghanistan, Iraq and Mali. The distance or time zone are not obstacles.

How does it work?
  • STANAG 6001 Level 2, 3 & 4* available 
  • Classes take place on Zoom or Skype
  • The curriculum created according to STANAG 6001 requirements
  • Learning grammar and vocabulary in context as well as exam language functions
  • Writing tasks are uploaded and marked on Google Classroom platform (you will receive the link to access it)
  • Speaking exam practice (briefings, speculations, discussions)
  • Monthly mock exams (4 skills)
  • Materials used: teacher’s own materials, Campaign, Flash on the Armed Forces, past exams, Destination B2 and English Grammar in Use
If a student decides to prepare for the Cambridge exam (B2 or C1) instead of STANAG 6001, I easily adapt to the new path.
*The cost of Level 4 classes is 40€

Individual Online

30 / class
  • 60-minute classes
  • Monthly payment in advance (in the first week of a month)
  • Morning / afternoon timetable
  • Based on Stanag Requirements

What my students say about me:

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