I’m Magda and I prepare members of the armed forces for the STANAG 6001, SLP and JFLT exam.

I'm currently living in Madrid, Spain.

Wanna know a little bit more about me?
Here you have 5 FACTS:

I taught English as a volunteer teacher in a rural area of Kyrgyzstan.

I have moved 11 times in the last 11 years. Always on the move.

I'm interested in psychology, neurolinguistics, UX design and geopolitics.

I traveled alone on a Transiberian railway (86hours on a train).

If I weren't a teacher, I would probably be a journalist (a war correspondent, to be precise).

And 5 QUIRKS of mine, which are a bit more personal

Ice-Cream Obsession

I'm absolutely obsessed with pistachio ice-cream

Dog Lover

One of my loves is my parents' beagle Akita. Lazy indoors,
crazy outdoors

Caffeine = Fuel

I don't really feel awake until I have my first cup of coffee
(or matcha)

Colonel's Daughter

I grew up in a military family.

Passport Stamps Collector

My next destination: Samarkand (Uzbekistan)

What my students say about me:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have 12-year teaching experience and since 2018 I have prepared for the STANAG 6001 (SLP) exam, first in the classroom and now online and have taught dozens (if not hundreds) of servicemembers from Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy and Portugal. We didn’t even stop classes during their deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan and Mali and kept learning in the distance. (P.S. My students are awesome 😊)

I use a holistic approach with a special focus on Communicative Approach (which focuses on speaking and listening skills). I encourage students to get out of their comfort zone, motivate them to speak about the topics that matter and encourage them to take risks. I pay special attention to planning vocabulary learning systems, pronunciation (which is often neglected) and real-life communication. I implement thought-provoking articles and podcasts to my teaching and encourage students to send me voice notes and writing assignments as their homework to practice their productive skills outside the classroom.

First – check ‘SERVICES’ section on my website and read about the types of classes I offer, pick the one you are most interested in and contact me via email (

No, I’m not. I’m a native speaker of Polish. In my everyday life I use 3 languages – English, Spanish and Polish.

I feel you, sometimes schools are simply not able to meet our individual needs when we are in a group or they don’t know SLP / STANAG 6001 exam specifics.

I can guarantee that working with me you will see results that are related to your language goals – we specify them in our first lesson in order to know what to focus on and create systems around them. Then – it’s also up to you and the systematic work you put into your learning process. I’m your guide, mentor and cheerleader, but you are the one responsible for sticking to your study routines and completing all the tasks. Those regular actions that you take every day will take you closer and closer to your GOAL – like when you work out or train for a marathon. I’ll be there to have your back in the process and teach you everything I know about the SLP exam strategies!

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