Take your SLP Writing from 2+ to 3


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Who is it for?
Service members who are preparing for the STANAG 6001 (SLP) Level 3 exam and JFLT.

How long is it?
It’s a 70-minute video recording.

What topics are included?
We’ll discuss:

  • What text features make your SLP Writing advanced (with specific examples on how to change basic and simple verbs, adjectives and nouns into powerful ones)
  • Phrasal verbs in formal writing
  • Advanced grammar structures (e.g. inverted conditionals and cleft sentences – with examples)
  • Higher-order thinking skills that you have to demonstrate on STANAG (SLP) Level 3 exam (speculating, hypothesizing and making predictions)
  • What kind of mistakes are THE YELLOW and THE RED card.

How much is it?
You are purchasing the access to the 70-minute Masterclass video replay.

The replay price: 14.99€


Where will I watch it?
On this website after having logged in in your profile (which you create the moment you make a purchase).
You will also receive an email with detailed instructions.


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