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Let me help you in the transformation into a more confident, fluent and motivated speaker and provide guidance and support in the process.

Boost your performance by mastering the exam techniques and developing the language skills specifically required for the STANAG 6001 / SLP exam as well as while using English in your work environment.

5 Success Paths

I’ll show you the ROADMAP by following one of them. CLICK ON THE ICON to find out more about each service and the check the prices.

A course tailored to your needs and STANAG 6001 exam requirements.

A full online writing course with feedback on your writings!

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That’s for you when the exam date is approaching and you need a few extra classes before the STANAG 6001 exam. 

Schedule them flexibly!

This program is for those who want to socialize with soldiers from other NATO countries while working intensively on their speaking skills, receive writing tasks, audio homeworks and weekly checklists with tasks.

The course started in May.

Next course will start in the autumn of 2022.

NEW! Before a deployment COURSE

Coming in June!

This LIVE course focuses on speaking & listening – real communication (including slang & informal language) that you need before your next tour of duty.  You will also receive a special E-book which will help you navigate through formal and informal situations on the base.

Send me an email at if you are interested in joining it!.

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How to keep your English active